• July 4, 2022

NEW PRODUCT: Innovative and modern digital-printing mugs.

We present the latter Mesa Ceramics’s  development. Digital-printing mugs that bring innovation and modernity to the table.

The mugs with innovative textures and fun, bold and authentic colours are ideal for complementing your tableware sets with a distinguished touch. With the possibility to mix-match between decors and the new mugs, there’s an infinity of sets that take you as far as the imagination goes.

Imagination and innovation are the inspiration for the new developments. The use of this technology allows the creation of new articles with a character that speaks for itself. This technology allows the creation of a different and exceptional products. Picking these pieces makes countless combinations to taste. Alike various Mesa decors, they can be fitted and complement other collections with a fun and surprising element.

Bold and unmistakable, the pieces you won’t want to miss!

Curious? Reach out to offers@mesa-ceramics.pt to know more.



Canecas digital printing inovadoras e modernas.