Sustainability is one of our main goals.

At Mesa Ceramics we are committed to reducing our ecological footprint and ensuring a future for coming generations.


Spray glazing

Ceramic raw material
Local supplier (distance between 50 and 150 km)
Recycling of 100% ceramic body production waste

Local suppliers <50km
Recycled unbleached boxes
100% recycled plastic film




Energy & Gas Emissions
Natural gas and electricity
State-of-the-art kiln for single firing
Electronic devices to adjust power consumption to the real needs
Reuse of heat generated by the kiln in dryers

In 2022 installation of solar panels – 728000 KWH/year of self-consumption




40% recycling of industrial wastewater
Own ETARI with no discharge into the environment
Effluent quality monthly controlled by accredited laboratories



industrial waste

Industrial Waste

Recycling or reuse of 95% of waste generated
Integrated Management System for: separation –> collection –> identification –> storage –> forwarding to licensed operators



digital printing

Chemical substances

By having Digital Printing (before body firing) as the decoration technology the use of chemical substances is residual and the waste is nil
Decorated pieces are single fired