• October 20, 2023

Is digital printing the future of ceramics? We say yes!

On the last issue of TableWare International Magazine, the state-of-the-art technology of digital printing was in highlight. From page 58 to 61 you can find MESA and two other panellists speaking about this. We have firmly believed for a long time that this is the way to go, and the use of this technology is a big part of our commitment to the environment.

This technology allows an infinite number of customisation possibilities as well as the trial of options on just one piece at a time, saving resources and increasing the flexibility of design.

As well as being very efficient on resource usage, it’s a very fast décor application process in line of production which allows to cut on production costs while maintaining the uniqueness of the pieces.

Adding to this, there is no serigraph or paper waste during the whole printing process, cutting emissions and the use of chemical substances.

As it turns out, even though digital printing is the future, MESA has long advocated for the use of this technology on ceramics as well as its environmental impact and the advantages.

Read the interview on pages 58-61 of the magazine.