• December 21, 2023


The German Design Awards have once again recognised our products with excellence. ÚNICO is an innovative collection of eco-friendly vitreous stoneware tableware with an elegant and versatile new design for the hospitality market.

ÚNICO is the result of two years of in-depth research, involving internal teams and external partners, which has led to the development of ID7, a brand-new isostatic stoneware body that ensures that a collection developed in stoneware achieves the resistance and elegance of the finest porcelain, with the main advantage of being environmentally friendly, thanks to the single firing process and the decoration technology, digital printing.

The ÚNICO collection has been designed to meet the demands of discerning chefs and restaurants for the finest food service and presentation combined with exceptional strength and durability. Each piece has been carefully designed for maximum resistance to damage or chipping in use.

ÚNICO is a carefully designed tableware stoneware collection that uses ID7, a new vitreous stoneware body in isostatic pressing that guarantees a water absorption lower than the norm that validates vitreous (inferior to 0,5%), after a single firing of 8 hours at 1170º, instead of the need for a double firing at much higher temperatures. This results in massive gas savings (up to 49%) and much lower CO2 emissions (up to 42%) compared to similar products.

ÚNICO items have been designed to increase their resistance to chipping and have performed excellently in all the chipping resistance tests carried out internally and in external accredited laboratories, while maintaining a very elegant and light product.