• January 19, 2024

Challenges and Opportunities

The latest issue of TableWare International Magazine features an interview with Francisco Braga, CEO of Mesa Ceramics, on a range of topics including the challenges and opportunities that Mesa has faced in 2023, the resurgence of the HoReCa sector, the continued investment in digital printing, new developments for Ambiente and plans for 2024.


2023 has been an overall positive year for us, with some challenges and setbacks, but a year in which we have had the opportunity to make a difference to our people and our products, and to prepare for a new year full of opportunities. We see the future of the tableware industry in both retail and HoReCa. However, “we believe we will see a “new normal” in the sector over the next few years”, as the hospitality sector gradually grows in line with the pre-Covid trend of prioritising travel and restaurant experiences.

Looking into the future, we believe that “sustainability is a central theme in our culture and that in a few years’ time the industry will have to adapt and reduce its ecological footprint”, which will, of course, involves reducing the use of gas and lowering the CO2 emissions. We’re already seeing plenty of other industries adapt and evolve into new ecological ways of doing things, and we strongly believe the pioneers of ecological innovation are going to be the ones who resist through this paradigm changing era.


For us, Ambiente marks the start of the year for us and is one of our most important events. We’re usually full of energy and looking forward to presenting our new products and ranges to the world, and this year will be no different.


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