• April 10, 2024



Elegant and innovative

ÚNICO is the 2024 WINNER of the ICONIC AWARDS – Interior Products in the category of Product Design – Kitchen and Household.

“The ICONIC AWARDS honours only the best of the best from the furnishing and interior design sector and highlights outstanding developments in the industry every year.”



More about ÚNICO

ÚNICO is a single fired, strong vitreous stoneware body for isostatic pressing with the resistance and elegance of the finest porcelain.

✅ vitreous body for isostatic pressing

✅ water absorption lower than 0,5%

✅ single firing of 8 hours at 1170ºC

✅ 51% recycling of industrial wastewater

✅ 20% of recycled body

✅ Eco-friendly digital printing – no waste in production massive gas savings (up to 49%) and low CO2 emissions (up to 42%) compared to two or three firings.

As the result of in-depth research, which has involved internal teams and external partners, that has made it possible to innovate in the creation of a stoneware body that is vitreous, the ID7, while maintaining Mesa Ceramics’ differentiation in the market: all products are environmentally friendly, using only digital printing as a decoration technology, and all are single fired.

The ÚNICO collection has been designed to meet the demands of discerning chefs and restaurants for the finest food service and presentation combined with exceptional strength and durability. Each piece has been carefully designed for maximum resistance to damage or chipping in use.



ÚNICO items have been designed to increase their resistance to chipping and have performed excellently in all the chipping resistance tests carried out internally and in external accredited laboratories, while maintaining a very elegant and light product.

Award Ceremony

The exclusive Award Ceremony is taking place during Milan Design Week in Brera Design District, on the 17th of April. With intent to share inspiration, showcase trends and new products in the interior design industry, this evening will be filled with industry guests, press and new contacts.