• February 7, 2022

“The rise of Mesa Ceramics”

It’s out the latest issue of Tableware International on Mesa Ceramics: “The rise of Mesa Ceramics”.

On Mesa Ceramics winning a German Design Award…

For us, winning the German Design Award for “Excellent Product Design – Tabletop” means that the new business and product strategy that we implemented in the company, back in 2019, was right. From an early age, we understood that it was mandatory to continue investing in design by creating and developing trendy, urban and modern products. We believe that product design is the main differentiating factor in our company.

On Covid-19’s impacton the business…

Ironically, we are children of Covid. The economic and health situation during this pandemic transformed our organisation positively as we were forced to adjust very quickly to the changes that were taking place in the market. As a young company, it was important for us to continue taking risks during Covid, because it was the natural way for us to evolve and create a clear differentiation factor  against our competitors. We invested once again in the creation and development of new products, in more technological investments, in logistics and in digital marketing.



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Winner German Design Award
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On recent investment in the company…
We reinforced our commitment to our customers with technology that allows us to develop high quality products with some asymmetry, as well as being able to become industrially more flexible to our customers’ requests.
We automated the process of transporting products from the glazing lines to the digital printing line, thus reducing human intervention and improving the quality of our product. We invested in our logistics with the acquisition of new packaging lines, the increase in product storage space and the improvement of our stock management systems. We have also signed a partnership that will allow us to save energy with the introduction of solar panels that will improve the emission of clean energy, increasing our sustainability and efficiency.

On Mesa’s business trajectory in the coming years…
As a result of Mesa Ceramics’ strong growth over the past two years and our commitment to a worldwide network of distributors in the retail and HoReCa channel in the mid-tohigh-end segment, we anticipate Mesa Ceramics as the highestselling flatware manufacturer in Portugal and Europe. We will clearly assume that we are one of the main players of digital printing on tableware stoneware.

Describing Mesa’s style of product…
We describe our products as having a trendy, modern and urban style with a strong digital printing component associated with the design of shapes. We are very focused on the market, so the composition and look of our models are very commercial.

On hospitality or retail...
Our business today is essentially based on retail but our strategy was always focused on both sectors. We believe that the retail segment will have an adjustment in the coming years, and that is why it is so important to focus our strategy also on the hospitality sector that is beginning to show signs of recovery.